Spectacular Gold Coast

Recently I and my husband have moved to Gold Coast. A city in the state of Queensland, Australia from is Sydney. Something has always attracted towards the beauty of this place even though I have visited Gold Coast many times previously. Gold Coast is Australia’s perfect tourist destination. It spanning across more than 57 km. of picturesque coastline and bordered by world heritage list of rainforest and famous for surf, sand, and the sunshine. The region attracts over 10.5 million visitors every year because of its tropical climate, rainforest, magnificent beaches, lifestyle and multicultural environment. It has a highly specialised economy dominated by the tourism industry.

Gold Coast is situated in the south of Brisbane, the state capital and the east coast of Australia with good access to two International airports. Brisbane is only 80 km away from Gold Coast. The city is well connected through bus, train and tram.

Gold Cost’s breathtaking scenery, crystal clear white sand beaches, lush natural wildlife are just inexplicable. One has to visit here to admire it.  The numerous lakes and more than 400 km. of constructed water canals of the city creates an environmentally suitable network of waterways. Living near waterfront canal is a sign of luxury here. Beautiful canal estate and houses have definitely adorned the beauty of the place.

The attractions of the Gold Coast bring a smile to people of all ages. With a specular view of famous Surfers Paradise, exhilarating rides of the theme park, exotic animal, flora, fauna and endless waterslides help one to cool off on hot summer days. The City’s most visited premier hub is Surfers Paradise. One can see the beautiful Surfers Paradise beach on one hand and skyscrapers, towers and luxurious hotels on another hand. The evening sunset view of the beach is strikingly gorgeous. The place is full of restaurants, café, souvenir shops, stores, clubs, and pubs. It’s definitely a perfect place for party-goers and shopping lovers and one of my favourite places in Gold Coast.

Gold Coast is called ‘theme park’ capital of Australia. Performing dolphins, sharks, and other water-ski show and experiencing amazing marine life are the main charm at “Sea World”. Dreamworld is an another large amusement park with a different variety of rides as well as laid back fun. Wet ‘n’ Wild is a huge aquatic park with a mind –boggling variety of water rides and adventures.  But above all Warner’s Bro Movie World is everyone’s favourite where people can experience superman adventures, wide west falls adventures followed by stunt shows and special-effect displays. Another two interesting theme parks are Australian Outback Spectacular and Paradise Country which gives the flavour of Aussie Outback and Country experience. One can easily spend a day in each of them and get value for money.

There are much pristine wildlife sanctuaries and national parks located in Gold Coast. Amongst them Currumbin wildlife sanctuary, Burleigh Head national park, Lamington national park, Tamborine mountain, Springbrook hinterland etc. are famous. Lamington has a wide range of ferns and hundreds of spices of orchid. Similarly, Currumbin Creek waterways link to the rainforest mountain range. It is an entrance to the ocean and offers different kinds of active water sports. Gold Coast is renowned for its splendid and beautiful beaches all along the coast. Some of them are Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise Beach, Main Beach, Currumbin, Burleigh Heads, Miami, Palm Beach, etc. The beauty of each beach is unique, grandeur and perfect for swimming and surfing.

Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre offers amazing insight into the spirituality and country of Yugambeh Aboriginal People of Gold Coast, one of the oldest living cultures in the world. It provides informative guided tour and shows lots of culturally significant sites. This tour has really enhanced my knowledge on Aboriginal culture and history and their Dreamtime stories associated with the creation of mountain Jellurgal in Gold Cost.

Gold Coast is a sixth-largest growing city in Australia and all set to host 2018 Commonwealth Games.  The City is the best for eating and dining.  One can taste all mouth-watering delicacies of multicultural cuisine here. It was amazing to discover a great restaurant “Indian Whisper” in Gold Coast by an Assamese owner/chef Mr. Deepak Deka from our very own Guwahati. I was so proud to see our own luscious Assamese cuisine “Masor Sor Sori” in the menu of Mr. Deka’s restaurant. It is undoubtedly great feeling to see how our own fellow brother is rendering good work in the foreign land.

Leaving all daily hustle-bustle busy routine life, Gold Coast offers vibrant and relaxing life and a perfect holiday destination with a different variety of fun-filled activities amidst a natural landscape.




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